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Unfiltered Vines Team

Meet Our Team

Drea Stewart

Drea Stewart always brings the wine — literally! For over ten years, she's been the one friends, family and strangers ask about wine varieties, tastes and aromas. When she’s not traveling to vineyards, swirling or tasting, Drea counsels major corporations as a senior commercial attorney.  As COO and a co-founder of Unfiltered Vines, Drea works closely with UV’s sommeliers to create personalized wine experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

George Stewart

Unfiltered Vines CMO and co-founder, George T. Stewart, a New York City native, is a Gulf War era U.S. Navy veteran and a serial entrepreneur.  Having worked as a Financial Consultant for Merrill Lynch, George brings expertise in finance and client service.  These qualities all combine to ensure that Unfiltered Vines’ offerings meet (or exceed) a very high bar, and offer our clients an extraordinary experience.


Jason Vega, a proud Army veteran, is the CEO and one of the founders of Unfiltered Vines. As an avid spirits drinker and a self-proclaimed dancer/host/jubilant dude, his first wine experience was at a wine tasting event in a Manhattan club.  The friend hosting the event challenged him to describe all the flavors of the wines he was tasting. This started a growing curiosity into the elements of wine, the uniqueness of his palette, and the overall enigma of the wine experience. Jason loves adventure and looks forward to enjoying this wine journey with you.

Our Team also includes some of the best sommeliers from around the world.  Along with years of experience, they bring a plethora of wine knowledge, tons of personality and most importantly, a listening for the distinctive elements that make a wine perfect for you!

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