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SIP Wine Experience

Ever feel like everyone else is telling you what wine you “should” like? Be honest, how many times have you had an award-winning wine that you regretted ever tasting? Our Wine Experiences will leave you knowing exactly what you like, and just as importantly, why you like it. Finding great wine in any store, bar or restaurant will never be complicated again!

During Part I: Your Wine Experience, you, your new wine community, and your wine guide will get specific about the smells, tastes and mouth sensations that make a wine your personal favorite. Ask all your wine questions, get recommendations, and connect with this intimate group in our virtual space. Based entirely on what you share with us, we will identify two (2) full bottles of wine just for you and have them delivered to your door.


For Part II: Your Tasting Experience, you will join everyone again as you uncork the bottles and taste the new types/styles of wine from wineries around the globe. You will walk away confident in your ability to choose great wines for yourself beyond your usual and connected to the Unfiltered Vines wine community.

You will choose one (1) full bottle from your tasting, and it will be delivered to your home along with a tasting card on your wine likes and dislikes.

Cost: $395


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